Great 8 ‘Vette #2 – A Concept Tribute

The second Corvette in this year’s Great 8 is Larry and Robbie Griffey”s 1954 Corvette: “Transitions”. Built by Larry Griffey’s Hot Rods and Restorations this incredible roadster was built as a homage to the GM Concept Corvette that debuted at the ’54 Autorama. I have a feeling this ‘Vette just might have a few more bells and whistles that the original. Although it features a handful of parts from the 1956 model Corvette only a true trained eye can discern them. Thanks to GoodGuys I can tell you the roof and windshield are from a ’56. My eye ain’t that trained!

To compliment the body mods and stay true to the “concept” style of the 50’s, Larry and Robbie chose to update the powertrain to modern standards with a tubular Jamison chassis with a C4 suspension. The Edelbrock supercharged LS1 gives this baby her get up and go and the 4L60E automatic transmission has been designed so that it could be quickly changed over to a 6 speed. Baer brakes and Billet wheels round out the modern additions. The interior follows the same theme with a collection of leather, high-end upholstery and power accessories wherever Larry could add them. As well as a stronger internal structure because after all, safety first. All tolled the efforts from the one man shop of Larry Griffey’s Hot Rods and Restorations turned out one cool concept Corvette.

This Corvette is cooking with gas, this tribute is the tops.

A little more of this little red Corvette.

Last stop on the Great 8 train tomorrow. Then back to business as usual.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!