Hollywood Hot Rods in Bare Metal

Troy Ladd and his gang at Hollywood Hot Rods keep raising the hot rod building bar.  As if nearly sweeping the 2017 season with the “Mulholland Speedster” wasn’t enough, HHR had two bare metal, work -in-progress rides on display at the Grand National Show that are undoubtedly bound for glory.   It’s possible that a build might appear a bit modest before that final coat of paint, but that’s not the case with these bare metal beauties. These rides exemplify Hollywood Hot Rods motto, “Respect Tradition” by showcasing the beauty of all things mechanical rather than camouflaging them. These highly modified, hand formed builds highlight HHR specialties of TIG welding and metal finishing. For me there’s just something to the Hot Rod au naturel, undressed and unclad the craftsmanship truly becomes the star.

I appreciate the trend of builders keeping us up to date with their projects by showing then in various stages of completion at shows.  Since this dynamic duo is mid-build, there aren’t many details about these babies out there.  Suffice to say, no specs needed when the rides looks this bad!  In short, the sky is the limit for this cat and his builds.  I can’t wait to see this duo in their final glory.  I have just one request, Mr Ladd could you leave one build in bare metal? Steampunk would never be the same!

Be sure and head over to Hollywood Hot Rods Builders Showroom.  There you can check out exactly what these coach building virtuosos are up to via their all-in-one gallery.

Hit up HHR’s site to get even more of the skinny on this cat and his crazy coach building skills!

Mark my words, we’ll be seeing a lot of these beauties in the months to come.  Mr. Ladd you’re going to need to make room on your trophy shelf!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!