How Kool Is This

A little over a month ago a true friend to KruzinUSA sent us something so supremely Kool that I just had to pass it along. How does a 30 year old, pristine copy of Super Customs & Hot Rods sound. If you said awesome, you are most definitely right. Cover to cover with nearly 100 pages, this magazine is filled with incredible pictures, superb reporting and the most interesting collection of rides in one mag I think I’ve ever seen. Front and center in this December 1985 issue is Mr. Candy Apple Red himself Joe Bailon. Talk about a pioneer in the Custom world. He’s one of the originals, been there since the beginning and at 91 he’s still keepin’ the faith. He is world renowned for his innovative Custom work and thanks to a very generous friend I have an incredible 17 page hard copy of his story sitting here on my desk. Front and center in the article is, The Widow, a stunning, simply stunning ’51 Merc. I think one of Bailons greatest efforts. Seven pages follow with detailed coverage and tons pictures. Now I know this might stain your eyes and I apologize but you gotta take a look at this rare piece of journalism on one gorgeous ride.

The last I could find on this ride was it was fully restored in 1999 and was at the SEMA show in 2006. Anyone has more info let me know. I also came up cold looking for info on the fate of Super Customs & Hot Rods. I’m sure as with most magazines these days, it is no longer but what a rare gem to have in my collection. A million and one thanks to you Frank!

Ya I might be persuaded to share more in the future. I can feel the jealously in the air.