“Illusion” from Rick Dore

Is this build a concrete reality or is it just a figment of your imagination?  In these days of prefab, bolt on, mass produced darn near everything a handmade car might just be that an “Illusion”.  Rick Dore’s latest build “Illusion” is proof positive that ideas floating in the ether can be bought to life and sit center stage at the SEMA show.  It takes a craftsman and and artist to create a coach-built ride and Rick Dore is one of a handful of builders out there that possesses the talents to do so.  He builds his rides the old fashioned way – from scratch!  Talk about one of a kind.  So, here are the specs so far on this build in progress.  This ride is completely hand fabricated.  The entire build has been hand formed from raw sheets of aluminum by Luc Deley of Marcel’s.  This coach-built beauty sits on a chassis by Art Morrison and Steve Wilks.  Dynamat is used throughout.   She will roll on Coker tires and Red Lizard did the trim work.  It has an Ididit ’40 Ford steering column and fuel tank is by Rick’s Tanks.  Last but not least an LS3 engine will get her on down the road without hesitation.  With a build like this words will never do it justice.  So feast your eyes on what could be an “Illusion” but is in fact a handmade rolling wonder.

I for one, can’t wait to see the finish product.  For now, take another gander at this wondrous work in progress.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!