In Defense of Wes

A couple of weeks ago at the Byron World Power Wheel Stand Championship we met Wes Newman. He is a gear heads gear head. Owner of a downstate drag strip, he’s part showman, part stuntman and all around great guy. At this year’s Wheel Stand Championship Wes set out to put on a show and put on a show he did. His plan was to pull a huge wheelie and then try to get his Hollywood Trucking blown Camaro on it’s lid. Things didn’t quite work out the way he wanted but none the less Wes’s runs were probably the most memorable of the day. His high flying escapades sure garnered him tons of attention and he’s been all over the internet since When we posted our video on our FaceBook page it got almost 150,000 views in 2 days! Now that friends is quality entertainment, mission accomplished Wes. But, I’ve gotta say it’s a bit disappointing to see some of the chatter that has accompanied Wes’s videos. It just gets under my skin when less than kind things are said for no apparent reason and I feel Wes is being unfairly targeted.

Let’s see here, the stands were packed that day at 20 bucks a head with folks there to see a show and frankly it was the most amazing show on four wheels (or two) going. What makes the World Power Wheel Stand Championship so amazing are the guys that go out there and give it there all, ya, the prize money is nice but that can’t be the only motivation. These guys love their sport and want to put on a show for their fans, their extremely loyal fans. How boring would it be if everyone played it safe, if no one took a chance or a risk. People want action and something they’ve never seen before and Wes can check off both of those boxes and those of us that have the good fortune to see it should thank our lucky stars that there are people like him out there that are willing to go out and take a chance to entertain us. When you have a car I guess you have two choices; you can either sit and look at your car or you can take it out and see what you can do with it. Or if you just like to watch videos and make comments about something you don’t really understand you can do that too. What ever floats your boat or should I say whatever pegs you speedometer but come on play nice. An online high five goes out to Wes and all the wheel standers for going out, putting on a show and having a great time while doing it, giving all of us mere mortals one spectacular show. Hey everyone, more props less jabs, ok.

As his wife said in response to some of the online chatter, “He does love putting on show and he knows how to fix what he tears up. I’m proud to be married to this guy that enjoys life instead of just sitting around polishing his car. :)”

See for yourself, Wes put it out there and took it to the limit and gave everyone an amazing show. Well done Wes!

Video says it best!

If you haven’t heard we are SEMA bound. Yep we are heading west and we are attending all 6 days of gear head nirvana. Ending the week with SEMA Ignited, oh only the best of the best and the ultimate car show and I’m not using the word “best” lightly here. It’s going to be without a doubt the pinnacle of the car show season, the finest rides from the most well known builders. Interested yet? We’re gonna be there for every minute. Now don’t fret, if Vegas is not in your near future, we will be covering every last nut and bolt of this one of a kind show. So, stay tuned, come back and come back often, SEMA and KruzinUSA epic.