It’s a Wrap for the SEMA 2018 Show

The week we spent at the SEMA Show went by faster than Tony Schumacher can get down the track.  It was a whirlwind of automotive awesomeness that left us overwhelmed, worn-out and wanting for more.  It goes without saying that the premier Automotive Trade Show pulled out all the stops and put on a stratospherically over the top show.   So now comes the difficult task of trying to Wrap Up the SEMA Show.

If your mission was to see everything that the 2018 SEMA had to offer, you had two million square feet of show space, plus major outdoor overflow to cover.  Keep in mind, that while pounding that pavement you were rubbing elbows with nearly 200,000 like minded folks from over 140 countries.  The SEMA show truly is a global event on a colossal scale.

Throughout that sea of square footage and humanity were the drool worthy four wheeled stars of the show.  The heavy hitters were out in force, showcasing their artistic capabilities. They spared no expense or ounce of creative juice constructing their SEMA show builds.  Imagination and talent ran wild at the SEMA Show.  Unexpected, unconventional, unorthodox automotive delights around every corner.

Here, all together for your scrolling pleasure, the finery, the rolling wonders, the splendor that is the 2018  SEMA Show. Enjoy!

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!