Keep on Keeping on at the SEMA Show

Another heaping helping of SEMA and me and my feet are here to tell you about it. I would have to say the only sin in “Sin City” this week is the fact that this show is only 4 days long. Twice that amount of time and you’d be hard pressed to see it all. Trust me though, I’m doing my best. So far I’ve logged 21 miles (thank you very much iphone app), and I still haven’t seen it all. Here are some other non-me related fun SEMA facts, brought to you very generously by the fine folks at SEMA themselves. For the past three days I have been rubbing elbows with more that 140,000 warm bodies. Note that 140 countries are represented in that population. Now for my personal opinion here and I am speaking from experience, if I had to estimate how many peeps were roaming the grounds I’d put that number at at least 4 times that. Honestly, the place was a sea of automotive lovin’ humanity and it was awesome. A little slow at times but awesome. There are 2,400 companies exhibiting at this year’s show with more than 3,000 products in the New Products Showcase. And all of this vehicular verisimilitude covers more than 3 million net square feet in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center.

I am going to veer a little off course with the pics for a little SEMA spice.

There’s more fun in the Most Recent Show Gallery SEMA Show 2016 Day 3.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today because things are about to get crazy up in here. Tomorrow, the closing car parade, SEMA Ignited and the crowning of the winner of the Battle of the Builders Competition – EPIC. You aren’t going to want ot miss that, it’s gonna be huge.

Till the next time (tomorrow) – Keep on Kruzin!