Ken Block Rocks!

Ok, here it is, Pony Girl likes Mustangs, all years, models, incarnations what have you. Yes, I can even tolerate the “Mustang” of the oil crisis years, at least it never stopped production am I right? So when I saw the latest chariot for one Mr. Ken Block I must admit I was tickled and an instant fan of Gymkhana 7. This guy has a gift and mad, mad skills that really goes with out saying but pair that talent with an AWD 845HP custom ’65 Mustang, and you get pure genius and 12 minutes of automotive artistry.

Closing in on 12 million views on YouTube this is a must see video for those of us with gears between out ears. Move over Lieutenant Bullitt there’s a new Mustang in town. Now check out Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7.