KKOA ’35 Ford Panel Truck

This Kat thought outside the box and the result is a one of kind ’35 Ford Panel Truck. I told you there was so much going at this year’s KKOA that I would have to take a “Kloser” look, well kast your peepers at this ride. Talk about an original. Brent Hollaway out of Golden Colorado knocked it out of the park with this build, which he did himself. Panel truck you ask, well those panels were replaced with crank windows and the cargo area now houses a righteous bench seat. And I know that interior caught your eye. No fenders here folks. And you know old Henry is smiling down from hot rod heaven and drooling over that Hemi Brent stuffed between the rails. He did the all fabricating himself. The firewall, the fender wells, the back window and tailgate. From grille to taillights his stamp and clear talent are all over this homebuilt true original. One look at this ride and yours truly wanted to grab her nap sack, cooler and tent, hit the open road and rustle up a clam bake or hoedown. Talk about road trippin in style. This Kustom treatment really floats my boat now kast an eyeball kause this baby’s kool!

An even “kloser” look at this beauty.

KKOA’s got going on and this show has chock full of KOOL. Mark your calendars for next year. Salina the last weekend in July be there or be …

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!