Last but not least …..

What can you do with a barn find? Lots in the hands of One Off Rod and Custom. The third Pickup and last ride on the Pirelli Great 8 recap is “The Gold Standard” a stunning ’41 Ford Pickup. Boldly stated on their show board, “Eat your heart out Henry Ford”, Ed Sears’ 1941 Ford Pickup just might make old Henry do so. The crew at One Off Rod and Custom believe this to be the “Gold Standard” when it comes to pickups and earning a spot on the Great 8 really furthers their cause. To begin with, the power plant for this gilded gem is 8BA Ford flathead that has been bored, stroked, cammed, and fit with Stromberg carbs. The finishing touch was to grind it smooth and painted brown. That very distinctive brown that complemented the entire scheme for this trick truck. Ed calls the color “Brown Sugar” which isn’t too far off from One Off’s owner Gary Corkell inspiration, the Domino brown sugar packaging. Under that shimmering caramel coat, sits a cab that was lengthened 8 inches, with a top that was chopped an inch and a half up front and an inch and three quarters in the rear and a hood that was pie cut, nosed and sectioned. There is a custom under hood panel and the bed was built entirely from aluminum. Suffice it to say every other inch of this truck was either rolled, sectioned or otherwise worked to perfection.

They shot for the gold and came pretty darn close. Check out “The Gold Standard”, a bar raising build for sure.

A little more of this truckin tour de force!

It’s gonna be back to buisness as usual. We’ve got more SEMA Super Stars coming up and coverage from World of Wheel. Stay tuned!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!