“Leg Show” – Full Circle For This AMBR Contender

“Leg Show” is a Hot Rod that has come full circle. This owner/builder submission for the 2020 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award first saw the GNRS show floor in 1970. We have to back up a little here though. Walter Sigsbey owns and built the current incarnation of  “Leg Show”, shall we say “Leg Show 2.0”. He entered his homebuilt creation this year in Pomona. However, the original “Leg Show” started as a dream for high school senior Danny Eichstedt back in 1965.

Young Eichstedt grew up during the golden time of hot rodding in Southern California. The lucky young Fella saw a lot and wanted something more for himself. Eichstedt decided to build a T Bucket, the likes of which had never been seen before. “Leg Show” started with a Cal Automotive 1915 fiberglass T. He decided on a short 88″ wheel base, no turtle deck or pickup box. All of his choices going against the grain for T bucket building at the time.

Four tours in Vietnam for Eichstedt interrupted the build process, but good friend Jack Keef kept the project moving until Danny returned home in 1969. The car was finished in 1970 and debuted at the Grand National Roadster Show. Unable to compete for the AMBR because it didn’t technically “run”, “Leg Show” did however win its class.  Interestingly enough, after many shows, many miles and quite a bit of recognition for his build, Danny sold “Leg Show” only a few years later. It was parted out and faded into oblivion. That is until Walter Sigsbey decided he wanted to resurrect the righteous relic. Amazingly, he was able to track down some of the original parts. With the help of Eichstedt, the pair artfully recreated/rejuvenated/reimagined the remaining pieces to reintroduce “Leg Show” to an appreciative public.

Eichstedt’s original vision of his T Bucket (photos credit : The H.A.M.B. and HotRod.com)

Nose to tail, the new “Leg Show” is a stunner. Look at the details the headlights and tail light. No plural lights in the rear here, just one standout stopper. Lastly, notice that the etched glass is as it was 50 years ago.

“Leg Show’s” power plant is a 327 small-block Chevy with an Enderle stack.

The gas tank is a work of art. Nestled beneath that retro receptacle is a Jaguar Independent Rear Suspension, perfectly chromed with all moving parts on display. Mr. Sigsbey built the lower control arms himself.  “Leg Show” rides on spoked pizza cutters up front and Real Rodders Wheels wrapped with very beefy Goodyear’s in the rear.

Without a dashboard there are no gauges thus, the interior is interestingly sparse. The only distraction from the Ron Magnus created leather bench seat and the stunning top are the brake pedal, gas pedal and a period perfect super deep dish steering wheel.

Once referred to as a “Mind Blower” on the front page of Rod & Custom, Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” broke the mold for the traditional T Bucket. That 1971 Rod & Custom article went on to say “Tradition is not everyone’s idea of Rodding”.  With the over the top, low slung radical appearance Walter Sigsbey ran with Eichstedt’s “non-traditional” idea and took it to another level. 50 years after the first debut of “Leg Show”, this ride stole the scene – again–  at the Grand National Roadster Show.

What is the genesis for the “Leg Show” name you ask? It was a nod to the skimpy hot pants craze that was sweeping the Nation, if a gal were to take a seat in this T Bucket she would put on quite a “Show”.

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