Legacy ’32 Ford Great 8 Finalist

In a competition where custom is king, an all steel ’32 Ford Victoria really stood out.  Phil and Debbie Becker’s real deal Vicky “Legacy” has been in the family for the past 45 years.  After over four decades on the street, this heirloom was in need of a rejuvenation.  Tapped for the task was Dave Lane of FastLand Hot Rods.  His expertise brought the ’32 “Legacy” to its current glory and into the running for the Ridler.  The effort ultimately earned the Ford a spot as a Great 8 Finalist.

“Legacy” was built in the style of the coach built cars of the 30’s.  The rear valance was artfully refabricated, the gas tank was raised and recessed including a recessed gas cap.  The finishing touch is the Axalta paint adroitly applied by Adam and Tyler Krause.

The Lincoln inspired interior was executed by Schober’s Custom Hot Rod Interiors. Schober’s was able to salvage and rework the original seats.  The ’39 Lincoln Zephyr steering wheel was resized to fit the scale of the ’32.  And Classic Instruments recreated the ’39 Lincoln center gauge. 

To keep it period perfect, the Moal coach built chassis has a 5-inch dropped and drilled front axle with a Winters aluminum banjo rear end.  To switch up the look of the original ’32, the hand fabricated taillights were mounted on the body rather than on the frame rails.  The Dayton wire wheels are perfectly instep with throwback feel.  The wheels however are mounted on aerospace bearings, while the wheel rotates the spinner stays in the same position, a clever nod to the modern age.

The motor is a small block Chevy 350 with “extra jewelry”.  Some of the additional baubles include the injection linkage is off of a Ferrari.  It has one-off custom valve covers and the one-off air cleaners elegantly top off the engine.  This is all housed under a custom four piece hood. 

Check out “Legacy”, believe it or no it’s still all steel the way Henry built it.

Spend some more time with this trick Vicky.

“Legacy” will be hitting the remaining indoor circuit and will hopefully participate in a full outdoor tour as well.  This Great 8 Finalist is a ride you should spend some time with.

Be sure to head over to Dave Lane’s FastLane Rod Show Builders Showroom.  It’s no surprise this shop is turning out a Great 8 ride.

Get up close and personal with parts made for this hot rod including the bearing assembly for the floating knock offs, various exterior, interior, engine compartment & undercarriage parts.  They were machined at JB Microfinish in Pontiac, and they will be posting weekly updated posts on their FaceBook page.

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!