Let’s Blow This Thing Up!

Las Vegas was scorched Friday night when SEMA Ignited. What other way can you end the worlds largest speciatlty trade show? You just gotta blow the Mother up. Strike a match and watch it go, SEMA Ignited was an after party like no other. SEMA took the hottest rides on the planet, lit ’em up, let ’em roar, put ’em on parade and then had a party. A party that had to be the hottest ticket in town. I dare you to find another spot where you can get up close and personal with extraordinary world class rides that represent virtually every arm of the automotive tree. Add to that gathering of rolling wonders, incredible drifting, great music, fab food and drink and the culmination of the Battle of the Builders competition and I give you hands down the best most innovative way to wrap a show. In town where over the top is tame SEMA Ignited nailed it, blew it up and let everyone go along for the ride. Nirvana for those of us with gears in our heads.

Speaking of the builders duking it out for the top prize we got it all for you. Smoking hot off the SEMA Ignited lot we have the winner of the 3rd Annual SEMA Battle of the Builders. The SEMA 2016 Battle of the Builders grand prize and top honors go to Cam Miller and his ’69 Camaro proudly built at his Logan, Utah shop HS Customs. Lawdy, lawdy Ms. Maudie what a ride and what a day. A day, I’m sure Cam won’t forget anytime soon. It is a well deserved honor for a ride that was built with blood, sweat, tears, heart, pride, passion and then some. This guy was just over the moon with the win and his enthusiasm was infectious. You just had to be happy for the guy; his reaction was so sincere and genuine. Now take a look at the bright lights, big city view of this winner. Congratulations Cam, job well done!

Ok winning is grand but coming in second and third place at the SEMA Battle of the Builders ain’t too shabby. Especially considering the company these rides were in, these two fellas have nothing to be feel down about. Without further ado, second place went to Jessie Greening and his ’61 Chevy two door “Double D” bubble top and the third place trophy went to Kyle Tucker and his Detroit Speed built ’41 Willys. Both rides are absolutely incredible and well deserving of placing in the top 3, have a look for yourself.

Before I go on much further I’ve got to mention that I’m noticing there is a direct relationship between the number of days at SEMA and the number of words in my blogs. More SEMA, less words. Forgive me for my brevity from here on out.

Take a look at a quick video of Cam’s Camaro.

There are many more pics of the top three in the Most Recent Show Gallery; 2016 SEMA Battle of the Builders Winner Cam Miller and Runners Up.

The Most Recent Show Gallery for SEMA Cruise is smoldering. Now take a peek at the worlds most incredible, inclusive, insane, ignited car cruise.

Stay tuned I have over 3,600 pics, give or take one or two to sift through plus tons of video. The show might be over but SEMA’s gonna be around these digital pages for a while. KruzinUSA.com and SEMA from Las Vegas – out!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!