“Lone Ranger”- Ford’s Missed Opportunity

Keith Kyker of Kyker’s Rod and Kustom is the renegade renderer behind this trick truck.  Just cast an eye at his latest creation the “Lone Ranger” and you know this cat is a true non-conformer with exceptional skill. We first spied this truck at the Detroit Autorama and fell into a deep green envy. Seems like we weren’t alone with our affection for this ride. It sure impressed the judges too because Kyker and Company went back to Tennessee with 3 awards. Not too shabby for the Lone Ranger that was rolling for a couple days.

Kyker’s Rod and Kustom reworked a 1969 Ford F100 into a the Ford Bronco that should have been. Custom from bumper to bumper this renegade ride was in the works for 2 years. The result was the perfect marriage of the F100 with a 1974 Van. From the front bumper to the doors is all F100, the roof is from the donor Van and the rest is yards and yards of custom metal fabrication.

Under the custom hood, a Ford 429 married to a C6 tranny gives the Lone Ranger it’s Giddy-Up and Go.

The Lone Ranger rides a Chassisworks Chassis with an Accuair CVT Air Management system. The front drive system is by CVF Racing. It rolls on Billet Specialities wheels and Wilwood brakes stop these ponies. And lastly, the Borla exhaust lets you know this Ranger is roaring.

The ultra luxe distressed leather interior was crafted by Speedway Seatcovers. 

In the woulda shoulda coulda category, Ford could have had a gold mine on their hands if they would have built this back in the day. Keith Kyker had a genius vision and executed it to perfection. Hi Ho Sliver the Lone Ranger is here to stay.

This is a truck to be reckoned with. 

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