Love Kustoms Killer 1950 Suburban

What do you do when you have a Hot Rod affliction, a passel of grandkids and the desire to chauffeur them around in style? You choose a 1950 Suburban, seek out one of the most talented builders wrenching and wisely turn the reigns over to him. That’s exactly what John Bottger did when he tasked Zac Love and his Love Kustoms shop to build him the perfect carry all. This sleek, smooth and show stopping Suburban debuted at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals. It halted us dead in our tracks, we needed to get to know this build and the craftsman behind it.

A wicked wrencher for most of his life, his drag racing father sowed the Hot Rodding seeds very early for this bold builder. He completed his first car, a 1962 Impala at the ripe old age of 16 and he hasn’t looked back. His savvy and skills have already earned him a spot in the limelight. He has a SEMA Battle of The Builders finalist build under his belt, with many more high caliber projects that have rolled out of his shop. All of that and he hasn’t even reached the big three o yet! Not too shabby sir!

Zac kept it neat and tidy when it came to the power plant. The drive train has an old school feel. A small block Chevy gets the Suburban down the road.  Backing up the ponies is a turbo 400 trans. Custom touches are woven throughout engine compartment, even down to the custom wire looms around the Lokar wires. There is pinstriping on the hood, under the hood and is even matching on the firewall.  Its clear there’s no detail too small for Love Kustoms. The foundation for this retro modern ride is a modified stock chassis with Ridtech and Fat Man Components underneath. US Mags custom wheels rock and roll under this baby while the Magnaflow mufflers married to a Pypes exhaust system let this carryall purr.

The interior of this Suburban is down right elegant. A custom dash panel camouflages the modern upgrades. The Vintage Air system will keep the family rolling at the just right temp and the period perfect Classic Instruments gauges compliment the retro refined interior. Billet Specialities bling, artfully accentuates the marriage of the modern meet vintage vibe throughout, and takes center stage with one of their best steering wheels custom milled with vintage lumber. That same 150 year old reclaimed oak artfully adorns the floor. The detail inside is off the charts, even down to the custom milled medallions replicating the pinstriping, embellishing every seat.

The list of mods done to this Suburban is a mile long. Love Kustoms did a massive amount of fabricating. The running boards, hood, grille, 3/4 of the roof , fenders and the custom stainless mesh that backs the grill, all done in house. The team even fabricated a rear tailgate which replaced the original barn doors. And friends, that’s a whole lot of vehicular real estate to keep smooth, straight and tight. A lot of cutting with even more skill achieved the statement making stance. There is a 3 1/2 inch chop. The rear section was leaned and the hand fabricated hood was pancaked to fit the modifications perfectly. Mr. Love chose PPG’s best for the final coat for this coach. And from exterior to the interior, the pinstriping sets off the Chevy like a firecracker.

Take a look at what was once a well worn 52 year old work horse. In the hands of the Love Kustoms team this Suburban is now a retro modern marvel.

Now’s your chance to cast an eye at this beauty in full living color. We get the skinny from the man himself Mr. Zac Love, as he gives us the lowdown on his superb Suburban.

A View Like Never Before – KruzinUSA 360′

Wanna take an “interactive” 360′ tour of the interior or what’s under the hood of this incredible Love Kustoms build, where you are the tour guide? Just hit on the sketches below. (They even include links to the vendor products that the Love Team used on this vintage Suburban) All you have to do is click on the highlighted area then let your mouse/trackpad/or finger (it all depends on you mode of online transport) roam around the image. It’s easy, just click and drag to look around. Then click on the links to go directly to the products used in this bodacious build. Enjoy and you can thank us later!

KruzinUSA 360′ Engine

KruzinUSA 360′ Interior

Breaking Down the Build KruzinUSA Style

Click on the links below to get more info on the rest of the vendor products used on this honkin’ ride:

Love Kustoms has parked in our Builders Showroom. Head over and check it out, this Kat has some pretty hefty Kustom Crafting Chops.

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