On Your Mark, Get Set – SEMA 2015

Is there better than the best? Yep, four little letters – S E M A. I had my first hearty dose of vitamin SEMA today and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same. Well, I said ready, set , SEMA and I meant it. We hit the ground running and about all I can say is mind blowing, in the best most supremely awesome way, this old mind has been blown. Oh and boy they get you right out of the gate as if the biggest and the best isn’t enough, today they whittled down the field of 200 builders competing in the Battle of the Builders down to 21. (7 each in three categories – Hot Rods,Sport/Compact and 4×4/Trucks) I have the 7 that made it from the Hot Rod category and with the field the judges had to choose from it boggles the mind how they were able to choose just 7. So with no further ado the lucky seven are: The Roadster Shop with their ’73 Camaro, Chip Foose with his ’65 Impala, Bobby Alloway and his ’33 Ford Roadster, The Ring Brothers with the yet unseen (it wouldn’t be Vegas if there wasn’t just a little showmanship) Mustang Fastback, Kyle Tucker and the Detroit Speed built ’70 Chevelle, Andy Leach with a ’62 Chevy Bubbletop and last but not least Alan Johnson with a ’53 Studebaker. Enough said ok, less talk more incredible builds. Feast your eyes friends.

There are more pics of the lucky 7 in the Most Recent Show Gallery – Battle of the Builders.

Now SEMA is a lot more than just the Battle of the Builder rides. There are miles and miles of anything and everything automotive you could think of. Honestly MILES! Umm I walked a little over 8 at the show – seriously! So here is what 8 miles and just the first day of gearhead nirvana looks like and this is just scratching the surface. There is so much more to come but this gal is ready to hit the hay and get geared up for what will undoubtedly be another fine day.

Have a look-see at more from the SEMA Show 2015; don’t be jealous- I did have to do all that walking!