Meet “Doris” – One of SEMA’s Unexpected Gems

Meet “Doris” a very interesting, very beguiling and a very deceptive 1962 Chrysler 300.  At first glance she’s not that much of a looker, unless that barn find all original look is your gig.  Cause if it is, that patina is all natural and vintage 1962.  There’s no treatment or wrap on this lovely lady, that’s well earned age from bumper to bumper.  Her substance comes when you get a little closer.  That slammed stance might be a give away that there’s a little bit more than meets the eye to this choice Chrysler.  Classic Car Studio Speed Shop worked their magic on this original gem and it was a real SEMA showstopper!  Beneath that rust riddled hood is an 8.0-liter V10 from a second gen Viper.  All those horses are backed by a T56 6-speed manual trans and a 4.11 rear end.  The chassis has been elevated to the 21st century with a Ride Tech air-spring suspension and Wilwood brakes. The interior is super fly combining the best of old and new design.  Leaning heavily on old-school quilting with miles of ribbed leather elements.  This contemporary/classic Chrysler dubbed “Doris” just goes to show ya, you can’t judge a ride by it’s cover!

You’ll have to check the cats from Classic Car Studio Speed Shop in their newest joint: Speed is the New Black on Velocity.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!