Micro/Mini Car World Meet

Hello my friends. Please accept my apology for the unexpected “vacation” but not to worry, I’m back on the road with all eight cooking, looking for great events to bring to you! My first show back…. The Micro/Mini Car WORLD Meet! How lucky was I that this unique event was only a few miles down the road. I know this show is a bit of a departure from what I normally cover but when the WORLD is meeting only minutes away who could resist.

You know the attention a Metropolitan or a Mini gets at a show. Now imagine an entire show devoted to not only those marques but nearly a dozen of other unique Micro/Mini vehicles. It was awesome. There were nearly 425 cars on display, all with engines 1,500 cc’s or smaller. Unlike most car shows less was more, at the Micro/Mini Meet “the smaller the better” was the rule.

This was the first event of its kind. I was told that this meet was the most comprehensive gathering of Micro/Mini cars ever. The global scope of this event sure tested my automotive knowledge. With cars from the U.S., 6 European countries, Japan, Australia and New Zealand there was plenty of opportunity to learn a thing or two. Each car was a unique experience. There were: Austins, Bantams, Minis and King Midgets; Subarus and Hondas; Rolux, Vespa, Isettas and Citroen; a little more obscure Rute, Velorex, Haflinger and Trident just to name a few! As unique as the cars were so were the stories behind them. My favorite was the couple that tore up Rt. 66 all the way from Malibu to Chicago in their 1958 Isetta, thats over 1,700 miles in an Isetta – oh my! And that was just one of many great stories from this great show.

Here are just some of the little gems at the Micro/Mini Meet.

Don’t worry there’s much more in the slideshow of this unique event. I bet you’ll see some cars you’ve only heard of. Let’s hope the success of this show ensures many more meets like this one – it was a blast.