Mini Kenworth

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Don’t let this dimmunitive diesel fool you, this is a spot on wee replica of a king sized Kenworth. A few necessary modifications to the front end are the only things that differentiates it from it’s big brothers. It’s a true pint sized powerhouse thats fully functional, although I’m not sure about the load capacity.

Talk about a crowd pleaser, this one stopped me dead in my tracks and it took ages to get a partially, semi clear picture. Though slight in stature, there was immense interest and folks just couldn’t get enough of the tiny tractor.

It boggles the mind when you think about the creativity, time and effort that went into building this ride. A featherweight freighter, how cool is that. Hats off to this automotive artist now bring on the petit Peterbilt and micro Mack!

Listen when the video first starts, you’ll hear that familiar rumble and the horn was awesome.

A big hello to our friends at the Southwest Nationals, glad to have you and be sure to show us what you’ve got out there in the Grand Canyon state. I know from first hand experience there are some incredible rides to be seen, I just hope the power recliner makes an apperance this year.

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