Model Mania

First things first, I want you all to know how thankful I am for your continued support of the site and my work. It means a lot. I am also thankful for this job and that I am able to travel near and far to bring you the best of the best that’s out there. I’m also thankful that all of you are keeping the faith and bring your rides out week in and week out to support the local and National shows. It’s a good life.

Since Mr. Kringle will be coming in about a month I thought I’d shift gears and take a look at some pint sized pleasures that would fit perfectly under the tree. Talk about good things coming in small packages. I’ve seen these mini marvels at shows across the country and I must admit, I’m captivated by them. It seems like more and more shows are including model car displays and exhibitions and to that I say Hooray. I recently had the chance to pick the mind of a member of the Butchers Model Car Club about the continued popularity of Model Cars and he frankly told me, “guys are just trying to recreate what their parents threw away or what they destroyed as kids. It’s just one more way we can recapture our youth.” I say keep it up and I just might be asking the Fat Man for a scale model of a ’67 Mustang.

I think these model cars are fantastic. Ok, I know you can’t exactly drive one of these but on the flip side, you can also have every “car” you ever dreamed of. Cast your eyeballs at these mini marvels, the attention to detail is amazing. and just think, you could have a Jay Leno sized car collection and would never have to worry about garage space.

There are a few more shots to check out in the Most Recent Show Gallery.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.