More from the Great 8

Guess what? You like brand spanking new, freshly unveiled incredible custom hot rod builds. Yep, y’all have been blowing up my inbox with likes and requests for more. So ask and ye shall receive. In no particular order, I will be bringing you a closer look at each of the Great 8 Ridler contenders from the Detroit AutoRama.

First up, the menacing looking chopped 1930 Ford Model A Coupe dubbed “After Thought”. This beauty was built by Andy Leach and his gang at Cal Automotive Creations. It was built for Ted and Colleen Hubbard of South Bend, Nebraska, suffice it to say they were over the moon with “After Thought’s” debut! And incredibly enough for Mr. Leach, this isn’t his first go round in the Great 8. In 2013 he built the top prize winner, a ’40 Ford called “Checkered Past”. Four short years later he’s back with “After Thought.” Looks like CAL Automotive Creations might know a little something about something!

One look at this ride though and not an inch of it could ever be considered an “After Thought”. This is a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed build. The theme throughout is the “cast-look”. One look at the wheels, a one off design made to look like Hallibrands, the interior and that engine and you can say mission accomplished. “After Thought” has got it all. The looks, the stance, and the power. That’s a super charged Ardun topped Hemi nestled in that front end. This five window is coated in a edgy grey/blue hue that blends seamlessly with the bronze wheels and that insane power plant. This build is a timeless nod to the past cultured with a cutting edge design that screams in your face with originality.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of this HOT hot rod in 2017! Now take a gander for yourself. This is one right on rod!

Here’s a little more “After Thought”. As if you could ever get enough of this radical ride!

Come back tomorrow we have another Great 8 ride coming up.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!