Morris Lions Club Fall Classic 2014

Morris Lions Club Fall Classic is the perfect way to wrap up the local show season and luckily it was a fantastic day for this annual favorite. If it’s any indication of the popularity of this show, they were parking cars in the overflow lots by 9:30 in the a.m. and registration only started at 7. Crazy. What I like so much about the Lions Club Fall Classic is they give everybody a chance at one last dip in the show pool and everyone plays nice. I loves me my new Camaros and Mustangs just as much as I loves me my Deuce Coupes, Tri-Fives and Survivors of any flavor. Let me tell you that kind of variety not to mention the quality makes this show a total gas. If you were curious, they had 42 judged classes, now that’s a lot of sweet rides friends. It was a great show, the rows of cars just seemed to go forever. My achy feet are a testament to that. Ok I know I tend to go on so now I’ll let the pictures speak for me but, I just gotta say one more time, this really was a great show!

There were some very out of the ordinary rides at the Fall Classic, really something for everyone.

My only lament about the Fall Classic is that there isn’t a ’72 Olds Cutlass Convertible in my garage, dang it. One of these years I’m gonna hit it big. Be sure and check out the Most Recent Show Gallery and check out the several hundred pics we took. There is so much more to come, more content than time friends. I have several shows waiting in the wings. Come back soon and come back often.