NickleBack Camaro is Out of this World

If God’s In The Details, This NickleBack Camaro Is “Supernatural”.  A funny thing happens when you see this Ed Denkenberger built Camaro “NickleBack” for the first time.  From a distance it looks like a stunning ’67.

But the closer you get to “NickleBack”, you gradually discover why seeing it up close and personal is akin to a spiritual experience. Because you find a build so meticulous, so sophisticated that it’s on a par with some of those million dollar supercars like Lamborghini and Bugatti.

It starts with something that is not obvious at first blush. You really have to do some sleuthing to find it.  You see, it’s built using a very sophisticated monocoque design that fully integrates into one solid, welded and smoothed unit all of the following:  the body panels, independent rear and coil over front suspensions, floor and trunk pans, inner fender wells, even the lower rocker panels. It has shaped tunnels for the power train, exhaust, and all the brake and fuel lines so that nothing hangs down under the car.

When you look at the body, you’ll never see a square corner. The hood, trunk, windshield and rear window are all radiused. 

Examine the profile of the body and you’ll see every line has been smoothed. For example, look at how the line of the rear fenders flows smoothly and seamlessly into the rear tail light panel.

The only seams that you see from the side are the doors seams.    

The interior is to die for. Everything is custom and so lush and supple looking it would make a Bugatti upholsterer weep with envy.

Talk about paying attention to details – every single bolt in this build – all 1000+ plus of them – are all one-off, machined, chrome plated, diamond heads.


Power for this classic? A smoothed, chrome plated LT 1 jewel built by Mark Benson sporting a Magnuson supercharger, Fast EFI and MSD ignition.

With this kind of attention to detail, is it any wonder that this exceptional build by “Denk” was a Great 8 Finalist and Ridler contender, runner up for the Hot August Nights Cup and won the prestigious Mothers Shine award at SEMA  from a company that knows a thing or two about how to make a car “shine.”  Now here’s a little bit more Nickleback eye candy.

If you’d like to see more great builds from “Denk”, check out his KruzinUSA  Builders Showroom.

And for those of you that want the lowdown on the specific Vendor products used in this fantastic build, here’s the skinny and the links to those products.

Paint: PPG Sandstone Gold/Lava Rock /

Supercharger: Magnuson 2300/

Fuel Injection: FAST/

Ignition: MSD/

Engine fasteners: ARP/

Suspension Bolts etc./

Suspension: Heidts/

Transmission: Full Competition 400 Turbo/

Brakes: Wilwood/

Wheels: Evod Industries/

Tires: Michelin Pilot Super/

Battery: Optima Yellow Top/

Wiring: Ron Francis/

Upholstery: Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Interiors/

Steering: Ididit/

Steering Wheel: CON2R/

Pedals: Clayton Machine Works/

Gear Shift: B&M Performance/

Insulation: LizardSkin/

Chrome Plating: Advanced Plating/

Waxes/Detailing: Mothers/

‘Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!