Old School Hot Rod Trucks at SEMA Show 2016

Trucks, trucks, and more trucks. These peepers of mine are noticing a trend going on. My baby blues are seeing more and more trucks done to perfection at shows across the country and friends, there wasn’t any shortage of them at the SEMA Show this year. It seemed to me that for almost every hot rod showing at SEMA there was a hot truck counterpart. Now I know that train horn blowing, ginormous tire riding, led light blazing monsters are blowing up the market and they rolled all over SEMA but those aren’t the four wheelers I’m talking about. It’s the old school hot rodded out pick’em ups, sedan deliveries and carry alls that were very front and center at SEMA this year and I was loving it. From the sleek, elegant customs of Kindig and Legens to slammed Suburbans and Blazers and everything in between. Talk about turbo charged: single turbos a dime a dozen, plenty of twin turbo LS’s, even a few triple turbo charged rides that were capable of putting out quadruple digit horse power. There were also plenty of radical diesel conversions. And a whole lot of creativity when it came to pick up beds and knockout interiors. This is one hot segment. Check it out.

Take a gander at a video of some more of the trick trucks at SEMA

Till the next itme – Keep On Kruzin!