On Your Mark …

Get set – it’s the SEMA show.  It’s finally here and from the looks of it it’s gonna be a whopper.  The be all end all doesn’t start officially until tomorrow but we were able to get a sneak peak and about all I can say is Holy Smokes.  On top of our early preview, we were able to attend the Exhibitor Appreciation Party.    In addition to some mighty fine fixin’s SEMA had the brilliant idea to bring “some of the most significant rides at the show” to the Exhibitors who sometimes don’t get the chance to check out the sow.  Lucky us, we were front row for the unveiling of the Mach Foose and an insane track ready ’67 Chevy II from Detroit Speed.  All while grammy winner James Otto was putting on a righteous concert and Kevin Oeste as MC, killed it in his tux!  Way to go SEMA with a fantastic event and the show hasn’t even started!

SEMA is all about eye candy and we’ve had an eyeful.  Already!  Take a look at these rides and you tell me this isn’t the most incredible show going!

I can’t imagine what we have in store for us over the next four days. I only know its gonna be good. Tomorrow, SEMA’s best and the Battle of the Builders kicks begins.  Stay tuned.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!