One of the Great 8 “Phoenix” ’29 Ford Pickup

Talk about a labor of love, Dennis Portka of Hamburg, NY spent a staggering 24 years bringing his 1929 Ford Pickup “Phoenix” to life. Happily for builder/owner Dennis, all that love and devotion paid off with a spot of the Pirelli Great 8 this year. This really is the ultimate in DIY retos, when he says home built he really means it. Styled to look as though it came straight out of the 60’s Dennis fabricated every panel on this truck. He formed the Phoenix on the door panels, all of the emblems, hood hinges, and door hinges were designed, built, and polished by Dennis. Yes he even built the chassis before and finishing the body and donning the “Phoenix” that brilliant red coat. Here’s a fun fact, this isn’t Dennis first crack at the Ridler. He came within 2 points of taking home the top prize back in 1984. One Mr. Alloway won that year. Well, this “Phoenix” rose pretty darn high.

Have a look for yourself at what 24 years worth of work can do!

This “Phoenix” rose to the stars!

Two more stops on the Great 8 train. Plus World of Wheels was phenomenal!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!