Peterbilt Rewind

Talk about a ride that’s worth a second, um third, and yes a fourth look! As you know we think anything “Hot Rodded” is the bee’s knees but when someone takes “Hot Rodded” to the next level well, that’s just the outer limits baby. And outer limits is exactly what this next ride is. We’re rolling back six years to revisit this baby and it’s a visit that’s long overdue ……..!

When you think Peterbilt you think of a big, bad, hulking, hauling machine. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this baby at the GoodGuys Nostalgia Nats. in Bowling Green, KY. Yep friends this, have-to-see-it-to-believe-it, chariot began life as a ’56 Peterbilt semi-truck cab. Gizmoness, as it’s called, is the brain child of James Crosby of James Crosby Designs in Ontario, California. It’s named Gizmoness because James had once heard the famed bike builder Indian Larry refer to one of his more outrageous two wheeled creations as having a lot of gizmoness. One look at this ’56 Peterbilt and it is easy to see why James pinched the name for his own creation.

Truck is not the first thing that comes to mind when you first see this beauty however; after closer inspection you can see the Peterbilt roots in the peaked windshield and the domed roof. From there, the “roots” creatively branch off. This wonderment is powered by a Z 24 that (this is a “Gizmoness” factor here) , is running mechanically with a Crower fuel injection system rather than with an EFI conversion – can you say cool. It’s got a Tremec T56 tranny and the list just goes on; including the billet rims that were originally intended for a motorcycle use.

Turns out David Trent of Moorehead, KY is now the proud and in my opinion very lucky, owner of Gizmoness and was showing it for the first time at the Nostalgia Nats. Part rod, part custom, part truck and part like no other, this is one way out ride that really does defy classification well, other than way cool!

A quick video to get the full effect of Gizmoness

I know, kinda blows your mind – right? Bet you’ll never look at a Peterbilt in the same way again.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!