“Pick of the Week” – Jeff Lilly Restorations

The Builders Showroom “Pick of the Week” is brought to you by Jeff Lilly Restorations, one stunner of a station wagon a ’71 Chevelle four door wagon. I must admit I have an extremely soft spot for this “draggin’ wagon” because as a young filly I was carted around the greater Chicagoland area in one of these babies, although Mom’s had faux wood paneling and maybe didn’t pack quite the punch of this one, none the less this beauty brings back many fond memories. This project is the manifestation of a customers desire to drive his family around town in style. Mission accomplished in the very capable hands of Mr. Lilly! This hot hauler was stripped down to the rails and every original factory nut, bolt and panel were removed, redone and and in some cases reworked to perfection. The parts in need of repair were all custom-fabricated and the metalwork done by Jeff and his crew. The only exception was the cowl hood, which is an aftermarket reproduction. The bench front seat of my childhood was replaced with two bitchin’ SS buckets and SS style door panels were made for all four doors. Getting the fam to the fair one time, well probably with time to spare is a GM Performance Ramjet 502 married to a 6 speed Richmond tranny. The crowning glory to this two year project was super boss coat of BASF Flyin’ Purple. Thank you very much Mr. Lilly I now have another vehicle on my wish list!

It’s been dubbed the Ultimate Family Sleeper, the Purple People Seater, Wonder Wagon and Way Gone. Whatever the name this baby goes by this rides got it goin’ on. The ultimate non conformist Chevelle, it will never get lost in the crowd. Feast your eyes on Jeff Lilly Restorations creation, the Ultimate Grocery Getter!

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!