Pontiac Perfection

Steve Legens and his gang at Legens Hot Rod shop consistently turn out outstanding rides. Case in point this 1936 Pontiac Sedan dubbed “Pindian”. Perfect puts it mildly. From the get go, you know “Pindian” ain’t your average ride.  For instance, cast an eye at that distinctive gold strip, it’s one of the coolest treatments I have ever laid my eyes on.  It runs the entire length of the vehicle, from the grille to the rear bumper, including through the roof where it serves as a skylight.  Apparently, that strip was factory stock from Pontiac, but the fertile mind of Mr. Legens took it all the way to the trunk. Genius!

The list of the body mods is a mile long.  They include a pie cut, removing 2 inches in the front down to zero in the back, they extended the wheel base by 4 inches with a half inch chop.  The Legens gang also moved the headlights to the fenders, another subtle yet inspired modification. One-off wheels from Evod Industries and pearl white paint complete the stylized and refined look. The result is a sleek modern masterpiece.

A Roadster Shop custom REVO chassis provides the foundation for “Pindian”. It’s powered by a supercharged LT4 Corvette crate engine that puts out a whopping 650 horsepower and a Bowler-prepped 4L80E transmission gets those ponies to the pavement.
The interior of this Pontiac is flawless. The Dakota Digital instrument cluster sphere is a one of a kind knockout. A hidden panel on the center console houses all of “Pindian’s” switches. Glide seats trimmed in caramel-colored Wollsdorf leather, Relicate carpet, a custom Evod Industries steering wheel, and Clayton Machine aluminum trim all make for a timeless and classy cabin.

This ride is astounding, the only thing left to do is to check out this “Great 8” finalist and Goodguys “Most Beautiful Street Rod” in all its glory. Friends, this is one purdy Pontiac.

Check out the Legens Hot Rods Builders Showroom.  This shop is turning them out!

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