Poor Daddy Dave

I know that you are all familiar with my feelings about “my” rowdy bunch of Outlaws so you can imagine my heartache when I woke Sunday morning to the news of Daddy Dave’s crash. Oh Daddy Dave, Daddy Dave. Dang, dang, dang, I thank the Heavens and the Racing Gods that you are ok but dang it! What a scare but I am beyond relieved you are ok and I know Goliath will be back on the streets and even badder than before.

Now, please forgive me if I am coming off a bit snarky here in light of a near tragedy, but doesn’t anyone else see the irony here; in light of all the recent NHRA controversy. I mean who knows, he was on an unprepped track and that’s how it is on the street but those concrete barriers that line the track are not forgiving at all. Witness last nights horrible wreck. I can’t help but wonder if he were on the street how things would have panned out. Maybe it would have never happened, maybe he would have hooked and gone off the road and plowed some wheat or maybe it would have been worse. Who knows. No use playing the what if game but I know I can’t be the only one out there thinking to herself….. Hmmm, he was on a track and look what happened. Gee NHRA how safe was that pass. Now I bet the NHRA wishes they could go back in time and hold back on their guns a blazing approach to Street Outlaws. They still manage to make themselves look foolish and further alienate themselves, backing themselves into a bleach box they’ll never be able to burn out of. Note to self: always pump your brakes before you fly off.

Bottom line, he’s safe and thank goodness for that. Accidents happen, we all know that’s part of racing; doesn’t make it any easier though. Here are some videos; a quick before and the terrible after. These videos are not my own, they’re from YouTube, but hey share and share alike.

Stay safe, rubber on the pavement please. And heal fast Daddy Dave.