Power in the Pair!

There is power in the pair especially when it is a pair of unbelievably wild custom ’55 Chevys. Rides like these tend to divide folks but I must admit I kinda like the love’em or hate’em projects. Since I’m an outside the lines kind of girl I often find myself on the love ’em side because I dig the new and different. In addition I have a healthy respect for the time, effort and passion that goes into doing anything custom to a car; different strokes for different folks you know. I’ve heard some “stuff” about these rides and I just don’t get it. What’s not to like. With the straight out of the early 60’s restos, this pair of ’55 Chevys just blew my mind at the Heartland Nats this past summer. Hoods chock full of louvers, scallops and flames, chrome steelies, tuck and roll interiors, spots, I mean come on whats not to like. Sure there’s a place for subtle but if you are going to go big so to speak, why not go huge! Since when is in your face a bad place to be?

All I know is I’d drive the wheels off either one of these babies and be pleased as punch to do so. Take a look for and decide for yourself.

A little video for your viewing pleasure.

A big hello to all our friends at the GoodGuys Southwest Nats. Enjoy the show and the sun for us!