“Rebel Rouser” ’55 Chevy Gasser

It’s a Gas Baby! Period correct and right on perfect in every way. This ’55 Gasser tripped my trigger at the James Dean Run this past weekend and I just know you are gonna dig the heck out of it too. It was built by Classics Plus LTD out of Fond du Lac, WI. And let me tell you, those three generations of Freund boys at Classics Plus LTD. really turn out some Tri-5 masterpieces. I went bonkers a couple years back when I saw a pair of their ’55’s at a GoodGuys event and the effect was about the same when I came across “Rebel Rouser” at James Dean. Holy smokes, I’m in love. Don’t have many dets on this baby. But what I do know is this agitator of an automobile sits on ET III wheels with Wildwood brakes. It has a 671 blower with dual Holley carbs perched atop a 327. This Rebel earned a well deserved Street Rodder Top 100 award and the lucky owners drive the wheels of of it.

Now queue the Duane Eddy this trouble makin’ Tri-5 gonna to make you wanna cuff you dungarees, poof that pompadour, grab your favorite gal and hit the strip. Oh ya.

Can’t get enough of his Rebellious Ride …

Don’t forget we have two of our favorite events bright on the horizon: The Iron Invasion and the World Power Wheel Stand Contest. Hold on tight it’s gonna be a great weekend!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!