Relix Riot 2014

Relix Riot at the Gilmore Car Museum, to me, is just a gem of a show. The rides that consistently show up are just incredible, the location is perfect and I mean per -fect, add to that a stellar swap meet and fab food and you tell me are those not the ingredients for one fantastic show? Relix Riot is a ’64 or earlier Traditional Hot Rod show, and there was nothing stock there. There were Kustoms that defined Kool, traditional street rods straight out of “the day”, and so many other one of kind rides it made your head spin. As I have said before to me, you just can’t beat the backdrop of the Gilmore Car Museum for a show like this, it’s a total immersion into Traditional Hot Rod heaven! The place transports you to another era, and what a grand trip to take. Since this was the 6th Relix Riot and it just keeps getting bigger and better, this fan predicts there will be many more years of this fab show.

Although the threat of the “R” word (rain) was eminent all day and drove some of the fainter of heart away early, most folks stuck it out for the long haul which made for a great, great day. Cast an eyeball at the show and you’ll understand why I really enjoyed this one.

You can check out the rest of this riot in the Most Recent Show gallery.

I can’t say enough about the Gilmore Car Museum, you can read my blog about it or check out thier site, this is a must stop for anyone that likes, appreciates, eats, drinks, sleeps cars you dig, you’ve got to see this place.

Now it’s on to Amboy Depot Days, Car Truck and Motorcycle show and the legendary 50/50 drawing – wish me luck!