Relix Riot at the Gilmore Car Museum 2017

There was quite a commotion up Kalamazoo way and oh oh oh Daddy – O, it was one of my favorites. The Relix Riot rolled into the Gilmore Car Museum, took over the joint and turned out a show to beat the band. It was traditional hot rods and customs, pin-up girls, a swap meet and the best dang chocolate malt goin’. And then there’s the venue, the incomparable Gilmore Car Museum. That glorious haven that pays meticulously homage to the incredible history and evolution of that which we hold so near and dear; the Automobile. If you haven’t made the trek, do so. Seriously. Gilmore Car Museum is no joke friends, it’s the largest of it’s kind in the U.S. A rather nifty spot for a equally nifty show wouldn’t you say. And what’s fantastic about Gilmore is as soon as you walk onto the grounds, you are immediately immersed in a scene that I can only describe as otherworldly, you are just in it. I needed the iPhone in my pocket and digital camera in my hands to be reminded that I didn’t trip through the rabbit hole and into the summer of ’63. The rides, the music, the pinups, it was all 24 karat all the way, full on fantastic. It was a hep happening and one righteous “Riot” that was made even more unique for yours truly because I had a special traveling companion – Pops, you’re the TOPS!

Cast an eyeball for yourself, I think you’ll agree. I brought you everything but the malt, you gots to get to Gilmore yourself for that!

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Mustn’t fret, there’s so much more to come. Our calendar is still full!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!