Relix Riot at the Gilmore Car Museum 2015

Is it bad to say you love a car show? Well dang it I’ve gotta admit, I wait all year for this one and I just love it. I’m talking about the Relix Riot at the Gilmore Car Museum. We’ve been three years in a row now and every year it is a different, bigger and better show. See friends, the Relix Riot gives me the opportunity to share with you my version of the recipe for a perfect show. You need to start with a supremely fine base. Case in point, a location that meticulously pays homage to the world we hold so near and dear; the world of the Automobile. To that add prime and select pre ’64 traditional Rods and Customs. Then carefully mix the right dose of swinging tunes, decked out lads and lassies, and a swap meet to die for. Finish it off with fine, fine, mighty fine diner food and there you have it folks, the perfect show. Better known as the Relix Riot.

Cast an eyeball for yourself, I think you’ll agree. I brought you everything but the lunch, you gots to get to Gilmore yourself for that!

The Gilmore Car Museum is a must see for anyone who likes cars. Scratch that, a must see everyone who has the slightest interest in anything automotive Nope forget that too – just get there. Add the Relix Riot to this most amazing of places and you have an unbeatable day out! You can see it all in the Most Recent Show Gallery and I suggest that you keep up with the happenings at the Gilmore Car Museum on their site.

Stay tuned, up next we bid a fond farewell to a fantastic show.