Rick Dore’s Custom Mercury

Do you ever wonder what a professional builder drives everyday?  When it’s a “Lord of the Car Hoard”, only a show stopping custom Mercury will do.  You see, Rick Dore made the herculean effort to bring 3 rides to the Grand National Roadster show.  An AMBR contender, a work in progress and a custom Mercury, which just so happens to be his daily driver!  That Rick Dore’s personal car is outstanding enough to earn a spot at the GNRS says it all.

This ride exudes style, elegance and most of all attitude.  It starts with the chopped top, the shaved drip rails and the hood, where the corners have been rounded and the gaps are perfect.  Scoops were cut and then molded into that flawless hood.  Along with re-working the grille, the grille cavity was molded as well.   In addition, all the rubber and glass have been replaced.  It has been seamlessly nosed and decked.  And finally this custom cruiser was drenched in PPG’s best

According to Dore, “The car is lowered just rite and has retained its ride.  You could drive for hours doing 65 or 70 with no problems.”  To keep it real, Dore chose the original flat head to power this beauty.  That flathead has recently been rebuilt and has only about 500 miles on it.  Lastly, this smoking’ sedan has a factory three speed on the column with overdrive.

Here’ s a little insight into what goes into a Rick Dore build.  When replacing the surround for the rear quarter glass and doors, Dore used one solid piece of brass.  Typical practice uses stainless, Dore chose brass which was then chrome plated.  The continuous piece of brass was expensive and time consuming, but when looking at the finished product it was well worth it.  Friends, this is what a world class build looks like.

Head over to Rick Dore’s Builders Showroom and check out what this custom creator is up.

By the way, this Mad Merc could be yours, it’s for sale.  If you have the moolah and are crazy ’bout a Mercury head to Rick Dore Kustoms.   Just imagine your daily commute in this baby!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!