Ringbrothers ’72 Javelin Redefining Cool

How does stuffing 1036 horses into a ’72 AMX Javelin sound?  Audacious, sure.  Rebellious, indeed.  “Defiant!”, absolutely.  Unveiled at the 2017 SEMA Show “Defiant!” is a custom 1972 AMX Javelin AMC.  At their world renowned Ringbrothers shop, Mike and Jim Ring expertly brought this rarity back to life to commemorate Prestone’s 90th anniversary.  Most recently, “Defiant!” competed for the Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award at the Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, where it  made it to the top 5.  Yet another accolade in the ever growing list of awards for this bodaciously bold build.

The Rings got quite creative while filling out the info card at the Goodguys show.  In the space marked engine they simply said yes, a big one and for details they wrote, many.  Now it’s my turn to try and get a little specific for you and bring the details of this awesome AMC to life.  But first, here’s a cool anecdote about this build.  This AMC was actually a local car in the Ring’s home town back in the 70’s.  In fact, the last oil change this car had was in 1977 and was done by Mike Ring himself.  This was the ride that ignited the Mike’s passion for cars.  Incredibly, 40 years later Mike, Jim and the crew at Ringbrothers were able to bring the AMC back to life.  Putting an exclamation point to that passion with a build that defiantly, demands respect.  How COOL is that!

Now, those details.  This build is custom with a capital C, from nose to tail.  To start with, the Rings extended the Javelin’s wheelbase six and a half inches.  The tail lights, tucked bumpers, trim and engine bay accessories were all machined at the Ringbrothers shop.

Then there’s the front end with the carbon fiber fenders and custom grille, which flows seamlessly into the muscle bound, aggressively arched carbon fiber hood with the hand fabricated, insanely menacing, “I’m gonna eat you for din din” profile.  All that attitude, completed in house at the Ringbrothers machine shop and carbon fiber facility.

The augmentation to said hood had to be done to accommodate the 6.2L Hellcat and 4.5L Whipple supercharger that reside underneath.  Combined, that power plant puts out a whooping 1,036 HP.   A Chevy 4L80E Automatic by Bowler Transmissions backs all those Hellcat horses and a sturdy QA1 Carbon Fiber driveshaft transfers that mega power to the pavement.

The interior of this radicalized ride is spot on.  The white leather seats were custom crafted by Upholstery Unlimited. The gauges are Classic Instruments finest.  And the Kicker system undoubtedly rocks you to the bone.

“Defiant!” rolls on a set of HRE Performance Wheels wrapped in Michelin’s best.  With more than 1,000 horses running through this AMX,  “Defiant!” relies on Baer brakes six-piston calipers to halt those ponies on a dime.  The “Defiant!” one rides on a chassis and front suspension from Detroit Speed.  The rear suspension is a custom 4-Link done by the Brothers themselves.  Ridetech shocks and a Chevy 12 bolt rear end round out the support system for this aggressive AMC.   Flowmaster Stainless Steel Super 44 exhaust with custom headers detailed by the Rings, tame the Javelin’s thunder to a mean growl.  And no doubt, this baby runs at the perfect temp with Prestone Antifreeze coursing through it’s veins.  Speaking of Prestone, the distinctive color that accentuates this build to perfection, is BASF’s  “Jalop Gold”, or to my mind “ode to gold with a hint of Prestone”!

According to the Ringbrothers, “‘Defiant!’ is their wildest custom build” to date.  I think you’ll agree that the extreme appearance, state of the art technology and monster horsepower sure fits the bill for a wild ride and then some.

Now cast an eyeball at this bad to the bone build and one “Defiant!” ride!

Now, you get to see this bad boy in action.  When the Rings build a car, they build it to be driven.  And qualifying for Street Machine of the Year, they darn near drove those Michelins right off of it!  (sorry about the fence interference!)

Move over Camaro and Mustang, there’s a new Rebel on the road.  The Ringbrothers consistently think outside the box and have rocked the boat with this build.  If I may suggest, get over to their site and be the first on your block to buy the tee shirt that supports their efforts in “Making Javelins Cool Again!”.  Or head over there just check out what these vehicular virtuosos are up to.  With a Pantera, Javelin and Winnebago Brave in their stable, you NEVER know what these cats will tackle next.  And there is no doubt it will be revolutionary, riotously radical, and right on with a just hint of defiance!

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!