Scarlet Lady Detroit Autorama Great 8 Finalist

From a classic to a custom.  The next Great 8 Finalist is from Ryan’s Rod And Kustom.  “Scarlet Lady”, a metal flake coated 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II earned a well deserved spot in the Great 8.  “Scarlet Lady” is a Custom through and through with body mods a plenty.  To start, this lengthy Lincoln has a 2 inch chop.  She sports reshaped quarters, fenders, rockers and a tucked bumper.  Lastly, part of the reshaping involved shaving off the continental “hump”, but Mr. Ryan creatively used that spare metal as the sign board for her majesty.

Moving to the heart of this ruby beauty, a Ford Coyote 5.0 gives the Lady in Red plenty of horses in her stable.  A 6R80 Trans with a Ron Francis wiring harness backs up those horses.  A custom chassis by Ridetech allows this Lady Lincoln to drag the pavement.  By the by, did you notice this Great 8 finalist was not on stands?  Well, customs are supposed to lay low and the Scarlet Lady be a custom, so on the ground she rested.  Her shoes are custom 20’ Curtis Speed wheels.  They’re are fabricated to look like blasts from the past however, all that white is actually part of the rim.  Modern but still in sync with the custom vibe!

What’s on the inside of this Lead Sled Lady is just as pretty as what’s on the outside.  Tuck and rolled perfection is the only way to describe the interior.  The outstanding ’64 T-Bird seats, a crazy cool ’60 Chrysler instrument cluster, and a far out ’61 Plymouth steering wheel drive home her custom charm.  Add to that an Alumicraft grille and accessories and there’s your Scarlet Lady.

Oh one last thing, did that Fender amp in the truck peaked your interest?  Well, it’s a creative way to camoflague the air ride set up.  Way Kool Daddy-O!

Lastly friends, the most intriguing detail about this radical ride is, the “Scarlet Lady” is going to be Chris Ryan’s personal car.  Now thats one lucky Kat!  There’s nothing left to do now but take a gander at this lovey Lady.

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