Second Helping of SEMA

My second helping of SEMA and I closed in on nearly 9 miles today friends. SEMA, SEMA Sensational SEMA! Crazy that you can attend the same show 2 days in a row and on the second day it’s like a new show all over again. Does that make sense or is SEMA just going to my head? Whatever it is it’s fantastic and I’m loving every minute of it.

So friends, guess who likes Hot Rods? Well SEMA does that’s who. Today the 21 Battle of the Buidler finalists from 3 categories – Hot Rods, Sport Compact and Truck/4×4 – were narrowed down to the Top 10 and guess what, all 7 Hot Rod builders were included in the list. Although we are in the land of the wager, there’s no way I’m gonna put my money on this one. By the by the ultimate winner of the Battle of the Builders is chosen by the builders themselves. Each of the top 10 builders gets one vote (and they can’t vote for themselves). Can it get any more captivating? Honestly I’m on pins and needles.

Here are the Top 10 – 7 Hot Rods, 1 Truck, and 2 Sport Compacts. There are many more pics of these beauties in the Most Recent Show Gallery -SEMA Battle of the Builders. Go ahead and try to pick just one to be the winner. I should check the odds tomorrow; it’s gotta be going on somewhere. It’s Vegas after all!

Want some fun SEMA facts? Here goes it. SEMA is spread out over 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space. Yes I said 2.5 million, hence the almost 9 miles of hoofing it today. There are 2,400 manufactures exhibiting at SEMA, oh my with 60,000 vender companies and 3001 media representatives. Yes I am the 1. This is a global event on a colossal scale.

As I said before, SEMA is a lot more than the Battle of the Builders. Unexpected, unconventional, unorthadox automotive delights everywhere you turn. Check out that VW – come on now! And that’s just one of the nearly 1,500 incredible rides that are the real stars in Vegas this week. Again compadres, cast an eyeball and don’t hate me cause I get to take it all in first hand, I’m paying my dues here – remember those 9 miles – my dogs are barkin!

Head over to the The Most Recent Show Gallery to enjoy my take on SEMA day 2.

Holy Smokes is about all I can say, my only observation/question/suggestion: Why only 4 days? This should be a two week affair at least! Again wish me luck- day three is only a few hours away. And now I must take to my bed!

Til the next tme – Keep on Kruzin!