SEMA 2016 – In The Books!

SEMA 2016 has come and gone and you can color me contentedly exhausted! I’m not quite sure how one goes about giving the run down on SEMA but I’ll give it a whirl. To start, our whole crew had a SEMA hangover for about a week. It’s the cars, the cars, the cars. The people, the products, the giveaways (Optima – best headphones ever!). The celebrities, the live interviews of movers and shakers, the demos, the absolute immersion into all things automotive. Then add a little Las Vegas and when it all ends after you’ve gone fully native – there’s your recipe for the gearhead DT’s. After my second go around, it’s crystal clear why four letters S, E, M, A, pack such a huge punch. The show lives up to the legend and then surpasses any expectation you might have. I can easily understand why the SEMA show is a bucket list item for scores of my friends.

Now for a little more me detail, which I know you are dying for. I walked almost 40 miles, took just north of 4,000 pictures and lost count of the times my jaw dropped. I cannot overemphasize the caliber of the cars and trucks on display at SEMA. The builders impossibly, out do themselves each year. I’m telling you the bar has been raised to the stratosphere. I could go on for days about The Roadster Shop, The Ring Brothers, Dave Kindig, the SEMA Ford Experience, getting up close and personal with Jeff Lutz, Tyrese, and A.J. but my words, although verbose just wouldn’t do the experience justice. Like I have said before this is a show that has to be seen to be believed. Let me tell you, you can fit A LOT in almost 3 MILLION square feet of convention center space!

Now turn your eyes to the real stars of the SEMA Show, the incredible rides.

Head over to the Most Recent Show Gallery, our SEMA gallery runeth over. I’ve gotta say, this gallery is not for the weak of heart; it is the true “mac-daddy” of all the galleries I’ve ever posted! There are over 1,100 pictures of the best of the best in there. Each shot pretty darn good if I do say so myself. All worth a gander. And for those of you that have never been to SEMA, it will give you a little sense of the mind-blowing breadth and caliber of the rides that are brought to this one of a kind show. Now, get!

Re-entry into civilian, non SEMA show life has been difficult but not to worry I’ll make it through. It helps that SEMA 2017 is in roughly 350 days. To keep the SEMA flame burning bright, we are working on our annual SEMA SUPER STARS AWARDS list. Come back and come back often to see who made the cut.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!