SEMA and The Lucky Seven

It’s official, the what’s what and the who’s who of the Automotive world have descended upon the Las Vegas Convention Center – SEMA is in full swing. I wasn’t playing when I said we were gonna bring you the goods and friends, the goods we’ve got. You know what wlse I got, a speial apperance form our favorite guest blogger, “The Old Man” and don’t even think about asking the identity of this kat. I could tell you but I’d have to kill you. So here is his take on the one and only SEMA show.

They don’t mess around here at SEMA, they come out of the gate blazing hot! This is especially true when it comes to the Battle of the Builders. It’s a little difficult to put into words just how exciting and impressive is it to be witness to the world’s greatest builders facing off for the top honor in this “Battle”. As SEMA CEO Chris Kersting said in his introduction, it’s the builders pulling out all the stops and creating these one of a kind over the top rides that then inspire the at home wrencher to create his own masterpiece. They’re not just eye candy, they’re inspiration. Makes sense to me. I think I’d like to take one part Roadster Shop, one part Alloways Hot Rods, mix in a little Ring Brothers and drop it off at the House of Kolor and I’d have my perfect hot rod! And when you check out these 7 rides that were chosen in the Battle of the Builders this year, I think you’ll understand. Out of an impressive field of 250 contenders the judges whittled the field down to the top 21 today. Seven in three categories. Truck/4×4, Sport Compact/Tuner and Hot Rod. From here on out, surprise surprise, I’ll be focusing on the Hot Rods. Now in no particular order here are the lucky top seven hot rods that are duking it out in the Battle of the Builders. Detroit Speed and their ’41 Willys, The Roadster Shop and their ’67 Chevelle. The Ring Brothers are weighing in with 2 contenders, a ’69 Camaro and a ’48 Cadillac. The ’61 Impala Bubble Top from Greening Auto Company. The HS Customs built ’69 Camaro. And last but not least the ’65 Mustang built by Jason Pecikonis.

Take a look at these rides and tell me the judges didn’t have their work cut out for them.

There are more pics of these beauties in the Battle of the Builders Top Seven gallery.

Take a gander at the other incredible, unbelievable, outstanding rides that filled the convention center.

Hit up the Most Recent Show Gallery – its chock full of SEMA sensations. (photo credit – Daryl Aldrich)

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Til the next time (tomorrow) – Keep on Kruzin!