SEMA Show is Firing on All Eight

This show is firing on all eight with a huge hit of nitrous!  It’s a big pond, with even bigger fish.  The bar has been set sky high and the 2018 SEMA Show has blown right over it.  Unexpected is about the only thing you can expect at this show.

Speaking of unexpected, the Battle of the builders is heating up and came in today with a bit of a surprise.  There are 12 rides left in this epic Battle, but this year each category is equally represented.  Three rides from each of the four categories; Hot Rod, Sport Compact, Truck/Off Road, Young Guns.  Even Steven, this should be very interesting.  The top 3 and the ultimate the winner will be crowned Friday during SEMA Ignited.  Until then, have a look at the terrific 12.

The top three Hot Rods are Dale Boesch and his 1936 Roadster.  Phil & Jeremy Gerber and their 1970 Camaro and Kyle Tucker with his 1969 Camaro.

Coming up next are the 3 from the Sport Compact category.  Rod Nielsen and his 1972 Mazda R100.  Muzzy Yousefi and his 2004 Nissan 350Z.  And Igor Polishchuk with his 1987 BMW 325.

Next, the Truck and Off Road Category is represented by Eddie Pettus and his 1932 Willys Aircraft Refueling Truck.  Jeremiah Proffitt and his 1993 Toyota 79 Series.  And Jason Graham with his 1934 Ford Pickup.

Lastly, the 3 from the Young Guns category are Kyle Kuhnhausen and his 1972 Datsun 240Z. Dylan Goacher and his 1968 Nova.  And Zach Lagarenne with his 1988 BMW M3.

It was another day filled with rubbernecking, gawking and gaping at the automotive artistry that puts the SEMA Show in a class by itself.  There is so much to this show.  It is everything they say it is and more.  Here is just a bit of what we took in today.

No tricks here, just SEMA treats.  Check out more in the Event Coverage Gallery

Did I mention our FaceBook and Instagram pages are scary awesome.  If you dare, go see for yourself.  This show is just gonna keep firing!  Stay tuned.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!


photo credit : D. Aldrich