SEMA Show Sizzles

And then there were 10, top 10 that is. Ten of the most sensational, over the top rides you’ll ever see. I’m telling you these cars will put bubbles in your gum. We are looking at 6 from the Hot Rod category, 2 from Truck/4×4 and 2 from Tuner/Sport Compact. The plot thickens and I’ll leave it at that. Now I’m sure you remember how this works but for my new friends and those of you that suffer from “CRS” I’ll give you a little refresher. There are 10 rides left in this epic Battle. The top 3 and ultimately the winner will be crowned Friday during SEMA Ignited. Now for the judging of these radical rides, that falls into the hands of the builders themselves. Oh, and they can’t vote for themselves, how’s that for a roll of the dice. Good thing I’m not a wagering gal cause there ain’t no sure bets in this game! The top 10 contenders are the Roadster Shop with their ’67 Chevelle. Two from the Ring Brothers, their ’48 Cadillac and ’69 Camaro. The ’41 Willys from Detroit Speed. A ’58 Jeep FC170 built by Mark Turner. The Greening Automotive ’61 Impala Bubble Top. Cam Miller’s ’69 Camaro. The 2016 Prius built by Gordon Ting and last but not least the 2017 Ford Raptor from Brad DeBerti.

Cast an eyeball and try your hand at judging these SEMA standouts. I dare you to pick just one.

Here is a quick video of the “Sensational Seven” Hot Rods that made it to the top 21. Unfortunately, now the Hot Rod contenders are down one Mustang but it sure is worth a gander anyway.

Check out these rides in more detail in the Battle of the Builders Top 10 Gallery.

As if all of that wasn’t enough here is my take on day 2 of SEMA. Just trying to get my fill of this rolling eye candy.

There are a few more pics in the Most Recent Show Gallery – SEMA Show Day 2. Just think you get to take in all those beautiful Hot Rods without a single blister! Unfortunately, I did not fare so well. Note to self, never break in new shoes at SEMA!

Til the next time – Keep on Kruzin!