SEMA Day 3

Day 3 of SEMA 2017 is in the bag and we continue to be wowed.  These rides are the most sensational, over the top builds you’ll ever see. I’m telling you these cars will put bubbles in your gum.  Fun fact; we have been rubbing elbows with more than 140,000 warm bodies all week.  This joint is a virtual sea of automotive lovin’ humanity taking in SEMA’s unique brand of “normal” which to us lay folks, is outrageous.  A typical day at SEMA overdoses you with the limitless bounties of automotive insanity.  If variety is the spice of life SEMA has their own propriety blend.  Equal parts, creativity, savvy, craftsmanship and technical prowess.  It’s seventh heaven, Shangri-la and nirvana all packed into 3 million square feet in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Friends this cloud nine for the internally combusted inclined is mammoth!

So you can understand that it was another day filled with rubbernecking, gawking and gaping at the automotive artistry that puts the SEMA Show in a class by itself.  Now take a look at another heaping helping of SEMA 2017.

Check out the latest gallery in Recent Events and take a trip to SEMA Shangri-la.

Tomorrow is going to be huge!  How does a whopping wrap party and the crowning of the King of the Hill sound?  Yep, pretty good huh.  Come back to check out every last detail of SEMA Ignited.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!