Shakin’ it Down at Symco

We’ve been to shows in parking lots, on city streets, at state fairgrounds, knee deep in a corn field or two, shows that even became part of a museum, but at a thresheree grounds, nope never. I’d be lying if I told you I even knew for sure what a thresheree was. So imagine my intrigue and surprise when I hit unincorporated Symco, WI and the fantastically imagined and created “town” of Unionville which was the unrealistic yet absolutely real spot for the Symco Shakedown. And in fact is the grounds for a bonafied thresheree, one that has been going on for 47 years. Unionville is the brain child of the Larry Werth family and it is a collection of real and replica buildings, some dating to the 1800’s, all of which are artfully arranged to give the visitor the ultimate immersive experience. Heck I didn’t have phone reception for 20 miles outside of Unionville. This place is the real deal. The Symco Shakedown, which completely takes over Unionville and is billed as summer camp for Hot Rodders and I would have to agree whole heartedly with that statement. Live music, mini bikes, fried food, camping in amazing vintage trailers, an adult beverage or two and last but not least hot rods to die for. Oh ya and all of this taking place in a real deal town straight out of the past. Yep, I’d say that fits the bill for summer camp fantasyland!

I know you trust me and my judgement but have a look for yourself at this one of kind show and the incredible spot that is Unionville and I think you’ll agree this one was right on righteous and if it were a summer camp, I’d sign myself up all summer long!

You really have to check out the entire show to get the full feel of the awesomeness of this show. As always it’s all there in the Most Recent Show Gallery. On deck, two shows one weekend. Should be fun.

By the by, a thresheree is a gathering and demonstration of steam powered or otherwise powered farm implements, tractors sawmills and the like. I think we can all relate to that. I don’t know …. sounds kinda like a car show to me. If any of you know more, please enlighten me.