Check out how Will Posey and his crew at Big Oak Garage channeled their love of design and fabrication into crafting this Impeccable Impala. Wedge cut to wicked proportions, this ride is a sleek stunner that sits pretty, looking like it’s nearing 100 while sitting still.  Immaculately finished, fine points in the killer Chevy dazzle. Want detail? You won’t find any junk in this trunk, just a humidor to keep your Cubans at the perfect temp. This “Dirty Martini” wasn’t shaken, it wasn’t stirred just thoroughly thought out and engineered to sublime standards. The final result from the craftsman at Big Oak Garage is a flawlessly fine-tuned, flush finished, balanced, bodacious Bubble Top. The reception this righteous ride has received is proof positive that Will Posey and his gang at Big Oak know exactly what they are doing. With their keen eye for design and attention to detail they took this icon to the stratosphere.