Suds and Fun – 2012

With a name like Suds and Fun and the fact that this event is in it’s 32nd year, it kinda goes without saying that the show was gonna be a hit and I ‘m here to tell you the Early Times Street Rods smashed this one out of the park. I now know why I’ve had so many people tell me to check out this show. They have the perfect setting at Seyller Park in Hampshire, IL. There’s tons of shade and lots of room to spread out. The weather was fantastic, the DJ was spinning righteous hits and I could go on for hours about the food. The Hampshire White Riders Snowmobile Club makes a mean baked potato, top that with on site Dairy Queen – seriously. All this and I haven’t even gotten to the over 500 rides that were out at this awesome event. Side by side Edsels, Tri -5’s galore, comtemporary and classic muscle, customs, classics, even a tricked out Corvair. Really, there was something for every automotive taste. This show rates as the “bee’s knees” status, 10’s all the way around!

There are over 500 pics in the “Most Recent Show” – I can bring the “Fun” but you’ll have to proivide the “Suds”.

Be sure and stay tuned, this weekend is the 22nd annual Orphan Auto Picnic and I must say I’m about to bust with excitement because one of the featured marques is Metropolitan. I have a lot of favorites but the Metropolitan is right up there next to my beloved Mustang. I can’t wait.