What A Summer, But it Ain’t Over Yet!

Good golly Ms. Molly what happened to summer? I’m not sure about all y’all but in my part of the US of A the mercury is dipping way too low way too fast for this girls liking! While I am wrapping my mind around the season changing it got me thinking about the incredible summer I had and how there are several shows I need to revisit to give them their due props. Now while I’m gearing up for the final push of the season, I am going to revisit, to name just a few, the KKOA Spectacular as well as the Run What U Brung races, the Van Nationals, and some of the bigger shows that just need some extra attention. The weeks to come are going to be jammed packed with first run rides and action that I do believe you are going to really dig! Sometimes there is just too much of the good stuff to cram into just one tiny blog. Have a looksy at just a few of the upcoming goods!

Stay tuned, we are by no means ready to pack it in for the year. There is a an “invasion or iron”, a “fall classic”, a hoe down hot rod style and one of the highlights of my year and frankly I believe it’s one of the greatest shows of four or rather two wheels …. the World Wheelstand Championship, a show guaranteed to thrill and excite! Don’t be a stranger.