Summing-Up SEMA

Mine eyes have seen – I think you can fill in the blank, we’re talking SEMA here folks! Is it possible to really put having your mind blown into mere words, I’m not sure but I’m gonna try. For those of you that have been forgive me, for those of you that have not, hold on – it was an incredible ride! It was four days and one incredible night jam packed with more gear head bliss than one could think possible. Those four amazing days were capped off with a cruise to a little shing-dig called SEMA ignited, inspired truly inspired. Forget walking 9 miles; let the miles come to you. Hours of the finest of the fine rolling by. Unbeatable, simply the best! If you have a hankering to visit the end point of this cruise you can jump back to SEMA Ignited here. Have a look at how SEMA wraps up the final day of the show of shows.

The whole shebang is in the The Most Recent Gallery

In the “there’s so much more to come” category, have I got it for you! Although there was alas only one winner, there were seventy or so other hot rod builder super stars vying for the top prize at the show. I’ll be bringing you weekly installments of the other SEMA Super Stars that were just as worthy but not as lucky as Mr. Alloway. These three are just the tip of the hottest iceberg out there.

I thought the worst day of the year was the day after the Fat Man in the Red Suit came. Scratch that, by far worst day of the year award hands down goes to the Saturday after SEMA. I was searching for shuttle busses and heading toward the convention center but it was all gone. I guess I just have to wait for next year; FYI, only 350 days until SEMA 2016 but whose counting!

Til the next time – Keep on Kruzin!