“Surfs Up” in the Custom 1964 Econoline Pickup

We spotted this wavy gravy, one of a kind ride at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular in Salina, Kansas this summer. The 1964 Ford Econoline Pickup “Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie-Surf Shop” is about as far out as they come. We ain’t never seen the likes of something like this before.  We got the chance to briefly chat with the Big Kahuna behind this Custom conveyance Mr. Steve Gray of Perry, KS  and he said “I just wanted to do something different.” Well Mr. Gary, in the case of this Econoline Pickup, mission accomplished. Just goes to show ya the Hang Ten vibe can happen anywhere.  Even smack dab in the middle of the country where there ain’t “no coast”.

How do you begin to describe what makes a ride like this stand out? You could start with the surf theme that’s always popular. The catchy name, “Hock-A-Loogie-Surf-Shop”, we’ve never seen that one before.  Or is it the towering zoomies shooting out where the front wheels should be, now that’s getting hotter and much closer to standing out from the crowd. Ultimately,  we think it’s when Mr. Gray decided to make a slight adjustment to the wheel stance, a four foot adjustment.  Talk about a stand out, this Pick ‘Em Up is in a class by itself. This ride defines,  “Just because it’s COOL!”  Steve Gary proves with this wild ride that you don’t need a coast to Hang Ten with the big boys! In short, this is undoubtedly one of the most outrageous rides we’ve ever seen.

Sit tight and chill with Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie Econoline Pick Up Brah.

Grab onto the rails and check out more of this radical ride.

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